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When will my husband return from the war




10 years ago today, filming began on a brand new series of Doctor Who, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler!

can I passively aggressively point out the way the shot is set up to make both of them equal including cancelling out the height difference and you really couldn’t tell who was meant to be the main character by looking at this photo? (Because of course they’re both the main character and of equal importance rose tyler Ninth doctor (via pygmy-of-triviality)

Thank god now we have this!

I met my goal weight today, on my last day with an accurate scale! Yahoo~!

I let my diet slide because I was busy with school and the move, but I guess moving all this stuff burned some calories. :3 I hoped this would happen! Yayayay~

I was reflecting today, what do I want to do with my life? I’m stepping into a new stage of living. I know what my career will be, but it’s not a passion. I’m worried about not feeling thrilled once I settle down into a routine. That’s a feeling I don’t want to lose.

I want a goal. Not the fleeting, ‘wow! This’d be so cool!’ thoughts that cross my mind, but something I work towards happily, that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of myself and other people. Something fun, but requiring a lot of skill. But there are so many interesting things out there that can be done… usually, I fall back on a game. I play a game because I don’t… I don’t choose something to stick to and at which to improve. I devour whatever is put in front of me- books and games and good music, etc- but I neglect to put things in front of myself. In a way, I’m letting my fate be led by what I see, and what is popular, instead of what is prudent.

I need to do some thinking.



I don’t know which one of these I want the most….


ugh the first and second ones in particular are just… stellar. *~*

It’s my last day living in this house… where I’ve lived, except for nine months in Idaho, all 23 years of my life. Wow. Goodbye, fields and green trees. Goodbye pets. Goodbye loud rooms and big windows and the hillsides, goodbye!





Bats illuminated by lightning



This is actually really cool





Bats illuminated by lightning



This is actually really cool

The sky was really beautiful tonight! My sister and I stayed outside looking at it as the sun went down, for 20-30 minutes. The sky was a gradient from teal to deepening blue, and there were clouds; they looked marvelous because the clouds were darker than the light area of the sky, but lighter than the dark area of the sky, so the sky looked almost opalescent. And the clouds were being pushed slowly into an interesting array, long, windswept lines with a curve to them, and seeming to radiate mostly from the light area of the sky, looking like the lines on a seashell. To the northwest, where the sun had gone below the horizon, one larger cloud was building up. Its shape was like a dragon, and after a while it looked as if some of the long, curved clouds were the gusts of fire being blown out of the dragon’s mouth.

To the south, it looked like October, and I felt very chilled by its appearance, and yet very wistful. That was an odd sensation. The sky there gradually lost its texture as it approached the horizon, and looked deep grey with a tiny tinge of purple. It was bright compared to the definite blackness of the trees. Faraway pines emerged into that sky, and the poplars behind my house had leaves that shook and made white noise. The black, moving leaves were mystifying. And the grass whispered in the wind, too, as if something was running through it, but there was nothing.

My sister and I looked for planets and stars. We saw only a few; three at first. I made a wish for a happy life with my girlfriend in our new apartment on the brightest one. The animals visited us, the dog and all three cats. Tommy wanted attention, but didn’t want to seem like he wanted attention, and approached us bit by bit, pretending to ignore us. Both Athena and Arwen were friendly.

After a while, after the sky had become mostly dark, my sister and I resorted to making shadowy shapes with our bodies. We were Jesus, then rectangles, and Gorillians (an alien species we made up), then just plain gorillas, weeping angels, and then I was the head of a dorky-looking chicken and she was the tail… it was fun. I spent more time out there then I meant to. I still have to begin practicing for a presentation tomorrow… but the dusk was beautiful. I loved the wind and the dark trees and the lovely sky. It was so pretty. Rowan howled a couple times, and I made the weird cat or chicken-y screamy noise back at her. Welp, this is the second-to-last night I’ll be living here! I’m glad it was a good one. Now for homework.


the gender binary is so pointless and fragile you can confuse people with nothing but eye makeup and soft muscle tone it’s like covering your face while playing with a baby and seeing them wonder where you magically disappeared to

Packing for the move~! :3 Hmm, I wonder where my favorite bowls are? I didn’t see them with the rest of my dishes…

How rude can you be?! D<

While in the middle of doing homework, my internet disappeared. Puzzled, my sister and I went downstairs. My parents were leaving, so we asked them if they’d done something to it.

"Oh, did you need it?" said my dad. God, and the voice he said it in was so rude, like he was Draco Malfoy sneering at us or something.


"Yeah, I’m working on homework."

"Well, if you want it…" he pointed dismissively to beneath the computer, where all the power cords of everything was pulled out, and the surge protector was missing, then he turned to leave. I was too surprised and confused to do anything but ask where the surge protector was, because there was nothing I could see to which to connect the cords.

He pointed to a bag. “It’s in the box. A new one. If you want it, you’ll have to deal with it.” He left.


If I’d been doing one of my nutrition tests, and he’d just fucking done that, I would’ve been locked out of the test, and could have lost like 20-25% of my grade! I should have chewed him out! How dare he dismantle the whole fucking system without warning and then heave the shit onto me to figure out! I have so much to do already! I’ve got homework and packing to do and I got like four hours of sleep last night and my parents want me to move furniture today, too… fuck. That was totally not okay.



No one else finds this AT ALL disconcerting? Not even a little bit?

Here’s why there is no media coverage, folks: because the media literally can’t get in there.